Power pylons

Power pylons are the perfect location for the installation of mobile telecom sites. WL Winet is one of the few companies in the Netherlands that is authorised to carry out work on power pylons. We employ experienced powerline workers for this work, who have been certified to carry out climbing work and elevated work. Every single one of these employees is completely familiar with the specific requirements of this work.


In the preparatory phase too, we keep very closely indeed to rules and guidelines. Project leaders keep each assignment on the right track, which ensures the safety of all concerned. In our work, we comply with the protocols laid down by the responsible system operators.


WL Winet not only installs new transmitters – you can also ask us to carry out maintenance work for you. And if a fault is found then you can always rely on us to rectify it as quickly as possible, wherever in the Netherlands it occurs.

Inspection and maintenance work

WL Winet also carries out inspection and maintenance work on telecom properties, towers and power pylons, which work includes detailed reporting and coating thickness measurement. WL Winet complies with the Dutch NEN 3140 standard.

Pylon reinforcement

WL Winet is authorised to carry out work on pylons and towers. If the test shows for instance that a pylon is failing to comply with the norm then there are various options available for reinforcing the pylons so that they do now comply with the requirements set. WL Winet is a specialist in this work – our engineering expertise means that we will find the right solution for you, which we can then fully implement for you as well.


WL Winet employs certified staff who can be deployed for a wide range of projects. WL Winet’s employees are fully certified and trained for safe elevated working and elevated rescues – also possessing climbing certificates (abseiling – IRATA) – and for working within power pylons.


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