WL Winet is an installation company that specialises in the construction of mobile telecom networks, both indoors (in office buildings and institutions) and outdoors (on roofs, churches, windmills, towers etc.). We also build mobile communications installation sites within power pylons. Its multifaceted package of services means WL Winet is always able to optimise telecom accessibility for you, whether this relates to telephone accessibility in an office building or to uninterrupted Internet access in a business park. WL Winet is a specialist in data communication and telecommunication that provides its clients with a wide range of tailor-made solutions.


WL Winet employs certified staff who can be deployed for a wide range of projects. Our clients are just as diverse as our chosen areas of activity. We work for the well-known telecoms providers, for various government ministries, for hospitals, stadiums, railway stations and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). WL Winet has all the necessary expertise in-house, which makes projects both affordable and manageable. Our employees are also quick to take advantage of new developments, thanks to their innovative mindset and the additional training they receive. This means that our clients can be certain that they are being provided with the best possible solution for any telecom or data problem.

WL Winet specialises in:

  •   The engineering and construction of mobile sites
  •   Indoor coverage for mobile telecom operators
  •   The engineering and installation of pylon reinforcement in power pylons
  •   Microwave radio system installations
  •   Fibre to the Sites (FTTS) (fibre optics)
  •   Installation and commissioning
  •   Wifi for large-scale business clients
  •   Temporary installation sites for mobile communications (e.g. at music festivals)
  •   Secondment of professionals
  •   Inspections & maintenance work


WL Winet also advises, designs, supplies, implements, maintains and manages. Every day, our employees are out in all weathers to carry out important work on the telecom infrastructure in the Netherlands and Germany. Our employees are happy to go that extra mile to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients and keep their promises. This is what gives us our competitive edge – and helps to give you yours too!


WL Winet’s range of services can be classified into 4 skill sets:

  •   Indoor mobile telecommunication
  •   Outdoor mobile telecommunication
  •   Power pylons
  •   Other services