Secondment of specialists

WL Winet employs certified staff who can be deployed for a wide range of projects. Our clients are just as diverse as our chosen areas of activity. We work for the well-known telecoms providers, for various government ministries, for hospitals and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). WL Winet has all the necessary expertise in-house, which makes projects both affordable and manageable. Our employees are also quick to take advantage of new developments, thanks to their innovative mindset and the additional training they receive. This means that our clients can be certain that they are being provided with the best possible solution for any telecom or data problem.


Our employees can be deployed as/for:

  • Project managers
  • Powerline workers
  • Supervisors
  • Fitters and electrical technicians
  • Hoisting and winching work
  • Field engineers
  • Microwave teams / radio links


WL Winet’s employees are fully certified and trained for:

  • Safe elevated working
  • Safe working alongside railway lines
  • Elevated rescues
  • (Note: They also possess a climbing certificate (abseiling – IRATA))
  • Working within power pylons


In addition, WL Winet complies with the requirements of VCA/SCC**, is also ISO 9001 certified and affiliated with UNETO-VNI, the employers’ organisation for the installation industry and the electrotechnical retail sector.


Please get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.