Construction of Telecom Masts

WL Winet is your partner for the construction of new masts. A situation sketch is prepared in discussion with the client with the desired location and requirements as regards the mast. Based on this package, WL Winet conducts an initial investigation into the feasibility and costs for this project.


We support our client throughout the entire project, which includes the following:

  • Conduct soil investigation
  • Prepare detail engineering
  • Foundation work including foundation piles
  • Groundwork
  • Install fencing
  • Erect and position the transmitter mast
  • Install and certify earthing system
  • Install fall protection with certification by our inspectors
  • Lightning protection to NEN-EN-IEC-62305
  • Maintain contacts with local authority, landowner and client
  • Environmental permits
  • If desired, build the antenna system for the operator

WL Winet’s Working Method

Based on the situation sketch drafted in consultation with the client, first of all a soil investigation is conducted to determine the soil condition. Based on this information, our engineering bureau sets to work and a detail package is prepared for the foundation block. Depending on the soil type, the type, height and loading of the mast, usually assuming maximum load, the foundation is designed and detail engineering is done.


This engineering package including budget is presented to the client who decides based on this information whether building the mast is feasible. After construction approval by the client, WL Winet continues with the realisation. The total engineering package is sent to the local authority for checking for the building permit. The client has already made initial contact with the local authority and WL Winet thereafter announces the start of the work, and organises the work permits and lane closures for the further planning of the job. A detailed plan is prepared which is discussed with all parties involved, such as the client, the landowner and the local authority. The entire project is supervised and controlled by WL Winet’s project leaders. To complete the job, WL Winet inspects the work conducted, the earthworks are done, fences erected, access roads constructed and the final handover to the client occurs.

Mobile telecom systems – outdoor

WL Winet is the specialist when it comes to the construction of mobile sites for networks, whether this is for a network in a power pylon or other tower, on a church or on the roof of business premises: our advanced solutions and intelligent concepts mean that distance is no longer a problem. Accessibility is assured, wherever you are.


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