Installation and commissioning

WL Winet is an all-round service provider who is fully experienced in the optimisation of the telecom accessibility of companies and organisations. When it comes to phoning and Internetting, we have both the necessary knowhow and the ability to take care of the entire installation process. A meticulous commissioning process then demonstrates the practical usability of our solutions.

WL Winet is happy to be of service to you throughout your entire project, right from the installation of your transmitting equipment to the commissioning of the equipment.

A team of in-house electrical technicians is fully familiar with every aspect of the process of physical installation. Installing the hardware, setting up the units and patch panels, and carrying out all the cablework: it’s something that we do every day. And we do it thoroughly and properly, based on a clearly formulated definitive design.

We take care of added installations too

We also take care of ancillary installations that ensure the continuity of the site. Think for example of the installation of all the electrotechnical systems needed or an airco (air conditioning system). We also pay close attention to all aspects of the site’s safety, including fire detectors and alarm systems, along with direct current balancers and solutions to prevent lightning strikes. We also handle field service and install radio link systems. And with WL Winet, complete service means complete service, from the fitting of the necessary antenna booms and the equipping of antennae to GPS measurement and feeder testing.