Indoor mobile telecom

We all now set ever stricter requirements for telecom accessibility in buildings and industrial complexes. And we are right to do so, because a business’s continuity may well stand or fall with its accessibility. WL Winet has all the necessary expertise in-house for the optimisation of indoor signals. This is experience that we have gained in many different locations and situations, with business premises, business parks, hospitals and stadiums etc. benefiting from the technical solutions that we provide for maximum accessibility.


You can be sure of getting an all-round service with WL Winet. We come forward with practical solutions as early as the design stage. Does an indoor Wifi system meet your needs? Do your business processes require the speed offered by fibre optics? And how are you complying with the requirement that the emergency services’ C2000 system has to be able to use your network too? These are questions that WL Winet will answer for you and then translate these answers into a clear radio communication design and engineering for the site.


The entire project stays in a single pair of hands, right from the initial consultation up to and including the installation work. In this way, WL Winet ensures that your network is fully integrated with that of your provider. The network traffic measurement too is handled by specialists. We hold an iBwave licence and can provide our clients with a complete radio communication planning service. We will establish what the coverage in the building is and then use this information to draw up a detailed radio communication plan for our client.


Easy-to-read ‘as built’ documents make it easy to modify your installation at a later date. With WL Winet, you have also come to the right place for both maintenance and service..

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

DAS is a single integrated network for mobile telephony, walkie-talkie communications, semafony, C2000 and other signals, with the bottom line for you being: cost savings and provider independence!


Traditionally, in buildings and offices a separate network used to be installed for each HF (High Frequency) signal. Thanks to the DAS, or Distributed Antenna System, this is no longer necessary. This is because with a DAS system, all HF signals can be distributed via a single (active or passive) antenna system, with the desired indoor coverage then being provided by this single system.


All possible HF signals are distributed, and the desired indoor coverage achieved, via the DAS. This means that these days, the DAS is suitable for the following purposes, amongst others:


  • Paging, PZI (Personen Zoek Installatie) paging system
  • Walkie-talkie communications (VHF, UHF): DMR, TETRA, C2000 (SCL)
  • GSM900/GSM1800 en UMTS
  • Private GSM
  • LTE


When it comes to the operation of DAS, it is important to distinguish between:
Active systems: systems that process the radio signal before relaying it Passive systems : systems that relay the radio signal (from outdoors to indoors) in unfiltered form
Passive systems: systems that relay the radio signal (from outdoors to indoors) in unfiltered form


Benefits of having a clearly defined, generic solution


  • clear, manageable and controllable infrastructure
  • a single network for – and a single provider of – all your indoor wireless communication needs
  • optimal indoor coverage is assured
  • designed and calculated coverage
  • cost savings: a single network for all your HF signals
  • improved accessibility and mobility
  • independence: the system can be used by any wireless/Wifi technology and/or operator


WL Winet is wireless solutions, and we can implement the combination of security and mobility in a wide range of ways, in line with your needs and wishes. WL Winet’s products are the only ones that have been specifically designed to help companies and organisations with the challenges that they face in the areas of mobile users, security and wireless/Wifi technology.


The network solutions provided by WL Winet integrate flexible WAN technology, identity-based security and the continuous availability of network applications. In addition to high, measurable performance, WL Winet’s solutions are easy to manage yourself. Unlike many other companies who until recently only focussed on ‘Guest Access’, WL Winet significantly extends the range provided.

Care institutions

Nursing staff who have mobile equipment such as a laptop and PDA can make use of the Internet or the local network. The patient’s file can then be updated in realtime from any location in the care institution.


  • Nursing staff can use Wifi to save patient data directly into the central digital file from the patient’s bedside.
  • A Wifi network offers lots of options for expansion, so that it could also include such features as IPTV (Internet Protocol TV).
  • Hotspot with own login page for visitors

Large-scale business clients

Flexible workstations, part-time jobs and the new way of working mean a modern workplace environment is needed that can be easily adapted to rapidly changing circumstances. A Wifi network or Wireless LAN is more or less essential in this regard. Benefits include:


  • Visitors have easy access to it for presentations etc.
  • High level of security, thanks to encryption
  • Access to network and Internet, even in the far-flung corners of your office environment