Mobile telecom systems – outdoor

WL Winet is the specialist when it comes to the construction of mobile sites for networks, whether this is for a network in a power pylon or other tower, on a church or on the roof of business premises: our advanced solutions and intelligent concepts mean that distance is no longer a problem. Accessibility is assured, wherever you are.


WL Winet will take over all responsibility for the entire project. We start with a thorough radio planning process. You can leave the site acquisition to us too, including the professional site survey work. Having our own engineering department means that we are ready and able to design and make the calculations for the constructions and to carry out both the structural and antenna-related work. With us, such activities as commissioning, pre-integration and dish-linking are in the hands of experienced specialists too. In addition, we have the advantage of being able to call on our extensive network of well-respected partners.

Peace of mind – always

Choosing WL Winet means you are choosing peace of mind. Peace of mind, because you know that no unnecessary risks at all will be taken during the construction or installation work. Our employees observe all safety protocols. What’s more, the certifications we have been awarded leave no doubt about the meticulous approach we take.

Power pylons

Power pylons are the perfect location for the installation of mobile telecom sites. WL Winet is one of the few companies in the Netherlands that is authorised to carry out work on power pylons.


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Secondment of specialists

WL Winet employs certified staff who can be deployed for a wide range of projects. We work for the well-known telecoms providers, for various government ministries, for hospitals, and for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). WL Winet has all the necessary expertise in-house, which makes projects both affordable and manageable. Our employees are also quick to take advantage of new developments, thanks to their innovative mindset and the additional training they receive. This means that our clients can be certain that they are being provided with the best possible solution for any telecom or data problem.


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