Our Partners

sait_logo_tagline_rgbSAIT Nederland and WL Winet have become partners in the field of indoor communication. This partnership means that our two companies can now serve their clients even better. Just think of indoor systems in buildings, tunnels and stadiums, on campuses and in hospitals, multistorey car parks etc. Indoor networks are becoming ever more necessary in order to ensure telecom accessibility. With all the necessary expertise and abilities under one roof, SAIT and WL Winet offer an integrated package of services for mobile telephony, walkie-talkie communication, semafony, C2000 and other signals. The result is improved radio coverage that can be used with a range of mobile providers.


The demand for complex mission-critical communication, such as DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) and tunnel systems, is increasing. Indoor networks are increasingly becoming a ‘basic utility’, which is one reason why more and more clients are opting to have their own network. This is why SAIT Nederland and WL Winet will jointly develop new products and services, in order to be able to provide a professional service for this growing market. In addition to the necessary expertise for designing, constructing and managing indoor networks, they can if desired offer their clients a new financing model under which the systems are provided as a service. The advantage of this is that large, one-off investments are no longer needed.